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Cookie & Privacy Policy
Cookies are used on the RigaEscortGirls website for the full functionality of the website as well as for compilation of statistics. It is not possible to identify the identity of a user through cookies.
Cookies allow the RigaEscortGirls portal to remember the user-selected settings for the next visit so that they do not need to be re-listed each time. For the purpose of compiling statistics, the portal uses Google Analytics developed by Google Inc. This program uses cookies to allow the webmaster to analyze how the site is used.

A registered user account does not contain the identity of a natural person if the user has not entered it. This account can store data such as a person's phone number, photo, city of residence, etc. By creating an ad, the person agrees that the data they submit will be disclosed to the portal users (third parties). If a person is not satisfied that RigaEscortGirls stores and / or delivers the data to users, it can log into the account at any time and delete the created ads, uploaded pictures and also the account.
Inactive (unpaid) ads are automatically deleted after 6 months from the end of the last paid service for that ad.
User-generated ads, pictures, and other specified information that may be personal data, and also the account may be deleted by the administration of the RigaEscortGirls, if the provided data and / or inserted images do not comply with the posting rules.

Upon receiving a substantiated complaint about someone's personal data, such as a phone number and / or picture, the ad will be deleted and the user account will be blocked.

By signing up for the RigaEscortGirls portal newsletter and / or registering for an account on the portal, you agree that you will receive regular emails at the specified email address. You may opt out of receiving these letters at any time by opening the indicated link in a received email.